Oliver - Forever Business Owner

Oliver - Forever Business Owner

Senior Eagle Manager | Forever Living Products Toronto Canada

+1-647-352-2346 (Toronto, Canada FLP www.foreverliving.com)


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My Story & My Family

My 'Forever' story is my family story. That's what matters the most.

I realized that there are many people who are making a lot of money.  There are even more people who have a lot of time. But, it is really hard to find people who have a lot of money, a lot time and good health to enjoy it. That's what Forever offers and that's what matters to me ~ have opportunity to make a lot of money, be able to spend it with each other and great friends, and at the same time enjoy great health. Brilliant!

We started with Forever back in 2008. We were looking for more out of life. We were looking for a true business that will pay fairly for our hard work.  We were looking for a company that is ethical and respected. We were looking for a way to be able to help many other people while building our own business. And those who seek they find -  hence we found Forever Living that was the solution to things we were looking for.

Today, we enjoy premium products, we still work hard but smart, we help many other people achieve their goals and during this process we enjoy every moment while doing it.

We love traveling with Forever, seeing places of the world, learning more every day, appreciating good health and being thankful and grateful for everything we went through and fort the things that are ahead of us.

We are inviting everyone to join Forever because now we can see how many benefits Forever offers to those who believe in it and who persist in reaching their goals.

Sincerely,Oliver & Olivera